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“The Newcomer”~by Susie Garfunkel

Originally posted on OUR POETRY CORNER:
? ? “The Newcomer” Jumps at the slightest moveMoving in stealth and graceRunning sometimes in circles His adorned precious face Very sly in what he’ll do next At my feet he sits there alone…

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POETRY FAN SAMPLING He asked his “favorite” redhead If any of his, she’d read… She said she had But…too bad, No blog record of what she did! – But so nice that she DID VISIT, Encouragement for him, exquisite… To … Continue reading

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EVERYTHING HE WAS TOLD… He saw the psychiatrist today, She was as had been portrayed… So business-like One dared not like Her appearance–listening to what she had to say. – They went over history and meds, And the nervous things he … Continue reading

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Bright Sunshiny Day

Originally posted on Hands on Bowie:
I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Ascension Thursday commemorates the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. In this part of the world it’s a public holiday and also Father’s Day. Friday, which falls…

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The Redhead Project

Originally posted on Keith Barraclough:
Danai for The Redhead Project: Now on Facebook: http://redhead-project.tumblr.comTwitter: @redhead_project

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fresh paint

Originally posted on RAIL IMAGES OF THE PAST:
You can almost smell the fresh paint on this S1, taken at Thendara NY.

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WLC’s Time, Part 4: General Relativity

Originally posted on Boxing Pythagoras:
When I first began my discussion on William Lane Craig’s ideas about time, I framed it as a debate between two competing models. To briefly recap, Dr. Craig supports the Tensed Theory of Time, which…

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