He doesn’t believe he’s lonely

But that is what was said…

He strives to be for her only,

Something else goes on in his head.

Alone, he’ll smile and wink at most,

Especially at the girls…

Be kind and gentle–the younger ones

He proclaims valuable pearls.

When with his wife he’s quiet,

Not sullen, most of the time…

He lets her be the icebreaker

For which she is more inclined.

He gave up social groups for her

Except the church and stayed home…

Sitting around isn’t the same,

As exciting places to roam.

He is afraid of going out

And chancing being led…

Away from his love for life,

But it’s happened in his head.

Sometimes it gets too much for him

To wait on her hand and foot…

He feels encaged and gets enraged,

And feels misunderstood.

She can only do so much,

Her levels of pain are real…

The times when she’s feeling good

Are precious few times to steal!

He plods again from day-to-day,

Doing the best he can…

While building up inner dismay

About the daily plan.

He holds back something and blames her,

A secret sticking point…

Something years back was happy to stir

And she knocked it out of joint.

Forgiving her hasn’t happened yet,

Lip service only has he

Given to this, while bitterness rests

Apart from their sanctity.

It makes him sarcastic and not very nice

When betrayal seems so strong…

He’s gone back to fantasy more than twice,

Then acts just to get along.

Trite sayings hardly matter,

He hears them with disdain…

He’s in the present–can’t go back–

To find respect again.

He believes in God’s forgiveness,

Even for those who feel caged…

Yet theory seems too much to bear

When one only gets enraged.

He wishes see a healing

Come forth on rising wings…

The Son of Righteousness* can give

The answer to his longings.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Sun (Son) of Righteousness…Malachi 4:2


About Jonathan Caswell

Poet, author, servant of God the Heavenly father and the Lord Jesus Christ...working out his salvation with fear and trembling. - Not trusting in his own deeds, but depending totally upon the finished sacrificial work of Jesus Christ to be, by God's reckoning, a new creature, clothed in Christ's righteousness...which mortal humankind can never attain by their own weak efforts, apart from faith in Christ's work on our behalf. - College-educated, yet wise enough to see that what a man does will not be his ultimate identity nor affect how God sees him or her. - Called by God to do a very difficult thing...apart from God's grace, mercy and strength...to love the sinner (which we all--by nature--are) but hate the sin, which is only paid through Christ, God's Son, - My own God-given gift is that of being a Poet..showing that in all parts of life...God has a loving part in it...as hard as that is to always understand or perceive...given life's realities! Come join me on my journey of discovery?.
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