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HOW MUCH–FOR WHAT? – He’s feeling the pressure Of shifting, undefined goals… Not sure how his doctor measures His feet roasting over coals. – It COSTS to see a counselor And spend more on drugs… A whole lot of appointments, … Continue reading

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HIS OWN LITTLE RUT (as in deer rut–during springtime) – He has his own little rut, Where he thinks it’s private, but… Published wide Are his fancies inside, He doesn’t know how that will butt! – Thinks it’s a mystery, … Continue reading

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TOO REVEALING–! – She drew her legs up in her chair, Revealing all under there… Panties and beaver, This  conceiver Had him TRAPPED…in her snare! – He stood rather too close, Why didn’t he step back, you suppose? Because the … Continue reading

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The Fertile Male Part 2: The Contrast between Fertile sexuality and Porn Sexuality

Originally posted on knowyourselffree:
These are the differences between being really horny after a week of no porn & no masturbation: Fertile Sexuality: Enjoying the feeling of being horny Porn Sexuality: Searching for something better, disappointment, wishing you could get…

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FOR AND AGAINST OLDER FAVORITE POSTS – It may be a blessing disguised, Not exposing the eyes… To videos defiling Since blogs are piling On top–harder to get to–otherwise. –Jonathan Caswell

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SENSORY DEPRIVATION – Certain shows I’ve been told, Without sound grow quickly old… The paradox– We would  hear the fox– Working the magic she sold. –Jonathan Caswell

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MATURITY LOST – A mid-life crisis for some Passes quickly with a ho-hum… Other men fight (And women–you’re right!) To keep what they’re losing–a crumb. – Red sports cars for the wealthy, Other deep things less healthy… Fantasy games With … Continue reading

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