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SLIGHTLY RHETORICAL – What would we do without pussies? I refer, of course to cats…. Let others risk reputations Equating  pussy with “twat” – Cats may be related to red heads, I’m not so sure that’s true…. With some of our … Continue reading

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IN NEVER NEVER LAND – Imagination’s phases Past childhood indeed are traces… Of fantasy worlds Dream stories unfurl, In any and all races. – A different Neverland For adults, apparently planned… Though some go wild All the way to a … Continue reading

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KEEPING IN SIGHT – Bosoms and faces delight, For a man, that seems only right… Legs and hips too When they are in view, Dancing in shadow aand light. – Under a beautiful blouse, Well-formed, a man needn’t grouse… Could … Continue reading

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CARROT CAKE – Carrot cake, my favorite sweet, It’s nutritionally complete… Nuts and eggs for protein there, Sugar enough to curl your hair! – A poem fragment of the tune, ANIMAL CRACKERS IN MY SOUP, sung by Shirley Temple. – … Continue reading

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“E.P.T.”–REPRISED – She said as she was leaving (I don’t think she’s deceiving)… That in  this place She liked my face, That E.P.T.’s worth receiving! – They say I’m liked here, By this…

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