THE MARVELOUS MUMFORD…is a continuation of the work begun with BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD….by Jonathan Caswell, Poet.

A long-time Bible-believing Christian, Jonathan is married with no children, living in central Massachusetts (MA) and works as a Security Guard in that area, and northern Rhode Island.  Mr. Caswell has an M.S.E. degree from the State University College at Cortland, NY (1983)…and has worked in a number of different fields over the years.  He has been writing poetry off and on since getting his first poem published in a regional anthology in High School.  His point of view shows up in his writing and the blogs he chooses to repost.

He has one published book to his credit….SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY (2011), available from below:

http://www.amazon.com/    In both “real” book and KINDLE  E-book.

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/   …in NOOK E- book form

http://publishamerica.com/  ….in book form…company recently taken over by American Star Books

The photo across the BLOG HEADER…is at Capron Falls, Uxbridge, MA, U.S.A., during the early springtime  (as opposed to a sunny, autumn view, featured as the BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD header).



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  1. Risty says:

    very interesting blog :D. Thanks for liking my post. I will be back

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