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He read a while ago That Christians were the easiest to snow… A wolf with guile Said with a smile, that’s why he loved them so! – I  sure hope that ain’t the case, That Christ’s children aren’t somewhere in … Continue reading

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They brought it to “Show and Tell,” Which they thought went very well… Till it broke its house And plunged teacher’s blouse, The rest of the day didn’t go as swell! –J.E.C. Another guy brought in a snake, More than … Continue reading

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A LONELY MAN? He doesn’t believe he’s lonely But that is what was said… He strives to be for her only, Something else goes on in his head. – Alone, he’ll smile and wink at most, Especially at the girls… … Continue reading

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DARKNESS ON THE WATERS On the spur of the moment, He rode over in the dam’s foment… Bathing suit slashed And head bashed, His foolish thought needed atonement. – We wonder, did he survive, His parents may thrash him alive… … Continue reading

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Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism? φ Jamelle Bouie

Originally posted on OCG:
Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism? They think if we ignore skin color, racism will somehow disappear. By Jamelle Bouie Millennials see racism as a matter of different treatment, justified by race, that you solve by removing…

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My boobs are full of surprises

My boobs are full of surprises. via My boobs are full of surprises.

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