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Today being first day of spring, Due to that “equinox” thing… Busy as beavers Overachievers, Are courting their next fling! – Jonathan Caswell

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Velvet paws of the mist, A community kissed… Warm not raw Like cat’s paw, It lapped like a cat kissed. – Like a gentle vacuum, All snow piles were exhumed… Sucked into mist– A curious twist– Added themselves to gloom. … Continue reading

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He’s losing what he once could, Still a glance feels good… Certain shapes Not in the great apes, He’s happy his eyes would! – Clothing means more now, More modest outfits get a bow… Texture and feel– Can’t do that … Continue reading

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LARGE PRINT VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! My poetry book, SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY… is now available, from the Publisher in a LARGE PRINT version! Price is $17.99 per copy, plus shipping and handling. Find it at: http://americanstarbooks,net9781633820333.html/ Other … Continue reading

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A FORTUNATE MISSED OPPORTUNITY The man knew his limits, The urge to exceed His orders depended On a certain speed, Of speaking up quickly Before she was gone… The urge became frantic Even though it was wrong. – So willingly … Continue reading

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A LONELY MAN? He doesn’t believe he’s lonely But that is what was said… He strives to be for her only, Something else goes on in his head. – Alone, he’ll smile and wink at most, Especially at the girls… … Continue reading

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