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This “smoky snack stick” dried Most likely with shelf life applied… Does its job For less than a bob, Life is slowly revived! – –J.E.C. Advertisements

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Expensive bomber jacket to show, How hot the actress can go… Sexy informal The little screen’s normal, The program depends on her clothes! – Assault machine guns may seem, Odd for a virile man’s dream… Women of action Are great … Continue reading

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The Poet does what he wants, In his isolated haunts… No pretty distractions Luring exactions, Of praise for what they flaunt. – One visit most do and then, Forgotten is a return again… Hard to be happy As a lonely … Continue reading

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Digging out my wheels, Digging out my wheels, Blizzard’s end rejoicing– Digging out my wheels— – Digging out these wheels, Digging out windshields, Thankfulness voicing– Ice-bound doors unsealed! – Sunlight sure appeals, As my scraper squeals, I am now rejoicing– … Continue reading

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When weather watchers sizzle, They come up with words like “snizzle”… A combo word Sounding absurd, A mix of snow and drizzle! – Jonathan Caswell

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Having some set aside, For what wasn’t denied… Purchased back issues Which brought out the tissues, Seeing of of them–he cried! – Moving from place-to-place, One lets go of stuff to find space… To live within Missing again, Certain issues … Continue reading

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Before this rip-roaring storm, Folks want to keep safe and warm…. Enough supplies On hand is wise, If we don’t need them–what’s the harm? – Enough for oil lamps, We have two, in case we lose “amps”… “D” batteries For … Continue reading

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